I was born in 1989 in the city of Peniche (Portugal). I started photographing in 1998, art that I discovered with my father. The Art of Photography soon became a passion, and from there I tried to learn more, by myself. The love for nature’s photography emerged only in 2007, when I started to photograph birds. The photos on this site reflect my work since then.
This site reproduce the result of days spent in shelters, under the cold of winter mornings or under the heat of summer afternoons, waiting for the right time, hoping to find the best place with the best light, always searching for a perfect and memorable picture, which reproduces the Nature in it’s splendor. Always with emotion and a great dedication. Giving a true meaning to the expression: “Being in the right place at the right time.”
In nature’s photography, every captured moment, besides of unique, is truly special. The privilege of witnessing magic moments is reassuring, and the nature’s dynamism makes this kind of photography especially unpredictable. Each image provides a link between a Space and a Time that many times we will no longer have the opportunity to witness throughout the life.
I hope you enjoy my pictures and come back soon to see my new works.

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